The Axidents

The Axidents

Wed, August 30, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

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The Axidents
The Axidents
The Axidents are an alternative rock band From the Bay Area and have been making music for almost 2 years now. They met in school. First Simon and Brandon started jammin, and they realized that they could actually play together. The name 'The Axidents' came about because while they were jamming together they would make a mistake or an Axident and then realized that the Axident sounded really cool and would just go with it. They added Gabe from their guitar class in school. And Gabe knew this drummer, Kevin, and asked him to join the band. They all walked home together, and the rest is history. Their first jam session as a band was like "figuring out you had a super power". They make all their songs together. Usually someone will come up with an idea and then everyone will build off of that. This is their first band together for the most part. Simon was in a band before but didn't contribute to the music in the band like he does now. Since then they have been playing all over the Bay Area rapidly building their fan base.

Brandon Martinez does the vocals and plays guitar. He's been playing since he was 8 yrs old. Simon Muniz ( an amazing guitarist) has been playing since freshman year. Gabriel Ponce plays bass but his first instrument was a violin at 4 yrs old. Gabe comes from a musically talented family. Kevin Torres the drummer got his first drum kit from his dad at 5 yrs old. Kevin's older brother did play a little guitar.

Some of their influences in music are from The Strokes and Interpol. But they make their own original music that doesn't sound like other bands. They are inspired by other young people doing the same thing they're doing and love going to their concerts to see them play. All four band members have always been really into listening to music.
Venue Information:
19 Broadway
17 Broadway Blvd.
Fairfax, CA, 94930