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Musicians that are successful are always working to promote their brand name, which is your band name. Putting an ad in the newspaper and listing you on our web calendar will do nothing to bring people into the club unless you have established a name that means something to local music fans. The bottom line is that bands that ask what we do to promote them, rarely do well. Nobody can promote your band more effectively than you, your band mates, family, fans and friends. If you want to succeed as a musician, you must begin to build your own network of fans, and maintain regular contact with them through e mail or a web or Myspace site.

19 Broadway is pleased to see your act performing at Marin County’s premiere night spot. In order to publicize your group, we offer a mechanism to not only publicize your band, but also our club in the process. Attendance at your show means additional bookings down the road. Many nightclubs expect you to do your own promotion, 19 Broadway offers a hand with the process. Please let us know if you use your own public relations company. Promotion materials need to be provided in both a hard copy and electronic medium. Although much of the world is electronic, many media are more prone to use an old fashioned photograph. Thus, we need electronic and printed materials. We would appreciate if you could send a publicity packet and additional photos and bios to our to the club.

We are not going to specify quantity of materials, but the more the better. If your band is a regular performer at 19 Broadway, it would be nice to have photographs and bios on hand for upcoming shows. The more photographs and bios you give us, the more we will mail out. Mailing for club publicity is generated through Marin and Sonoma counties, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. Thus, one or two pictures won’t go so far. If your act does not have these materials, we strongly urge you to put together a packet to be used for publicity purposes. Pictures are usually black and white and in an 8 by 10 or 5 by 7 format.

Printed bios should include information about the band and type of music, any recordings, names of band members, as well as pertinent history of the group. Lists of past shows and quotes saying how great you are, don’t do it.

Although hard copies will be mailed, electronic press releases will also be generated, so we appreciate a jpeg of good quality to use in both black and white and color formats. Please email jpegs to this address:

Any other publicity materials including: cds, brochures, etc. are also appreciated. Please note that newspaper deadlines are several weeks ahead of time, so when your band gets booked, or if you are a regular at 19 Broadway, it is imperative to get the materials out as soon as possible.

Please note: these materials should not be given to booking or dropped at 19 Broadway, but to publicity. If you have any questions: call 415-459-1091 for additional information. Feel free to drop materials at the club, or mail them to:

19 Broadway Booking Dept.
17 Broadway
Fairfax, CA 94930