The Stone Foxes Perform Live Music at 19 Broadway Fairfax on Saturday August 2



Live performance by The Stone Foxes will rock you to your core. Photo credit: Sterling Munksgard
Live performance by The Stone Foxes will rock you to your core. Photo credit: Sterling Munksgard



The Stone Foxes Perform Live at 19 Broadway in Fairfax on Saturday August 2

by Elisa Forsgren


 Another exciting and highly anticipated performance by The Stone Foxes who will rock your soul until it’s blue on Saturday, August 2 at 19 Broadway in Fairfax.

Photo credit: Mike Rosati
Photo credit: Mike Rosati

A Bay Area band, The Stone Foxes consist of founding brothers Shannon (drums, harp, vocals) and Spence Koehler (guitar and vocals), along with Ben Andrews on bass, Brain Bakalian on drums, Elliott Peltzman on keys, and Vince Dewald on guitar and vocals.

I first heard The Stone Foxes music while doing some research and I truly regret that I haven’t discovered these talented young men sooner.


The first song I reviewed, I’m A King Bee, left no doubt The Stone Foxes is deeply rooted in rock, gritted up by grunge and honey-dipped in rich jazzy blues pulsating with an addictive heartfelt rhythm.  No wonder this song was featured in the national ad campaign for Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.

I haven’t heard conviction like The Stone Foxes since I first laid my ears on Cage the Elephant nearly a decade ago.

Listen closely for the distinct homage to the musical styles of greats such as Led Zeppelin, The Band, Muddy Waters and Bob Dylan. Even more recent influences can be heard from The Black Keys, Dead Weather and The Black Crows.

The Stone Foxes is about as genuine as any band can ever get. A truly rare mixture of talent and inspiration offers a refreshing infusion of the 60s and 70s with their own stylish bluesy rock that stands rock-solid unique.

Get ready to have your face rocked off! TheStone Foxes' Elliott Peltzman rocked his keyboard until his fingers bled at a show in Santa Cruz early 2014.
Get ready to have your face rocked off! The Stone Foxes’ Elliott Peltzman rocked his keyboard until his fingers bled at a show in Santa Cruz earlier this year.   Photo credit: The Stone Foxes Facebook Page

However, Stone Foxes’ music I’ve heard is their studio performance. According to Mort, The Stone Foxes will never be a traditional studio band. Shannon adds, “The songs are worked out on stage and are meant to be played live.”

Now, I’ve listened to The Stone Foxes’ entire body of work and, while I savored every tasty fat blue note, I crave more. As a genuine rock and roll junkie, I cannot wait to satiate my new addiction with a live show.

Fortunately, The Stone Foxes play live music at 19 Broadway in Fairfax on Saturday, August 2. Tickets on sale now for $12 online at Ticketfly or on the day of the show $15 at the door.



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19 Broadway Boulevard, Fairfax, CA 94930 (415) 459-1091

Don’t wait this show is expected to sell out… read some of The Stone Foxes recent press reviews:

“The four San Franciscans in The Stone Foxes have an energetic style that’s rooted in swampy, foot-stomping blues-rock. Their freshly released sophomore album, Bears and Bulls, tackles ambitious arrangements with diverse moods ranging from acoustic twang to thunderous electric-guitar riffs.”  –NPR

“The Black Keys’ new album…Dead Weather’s Sea of Cowards…The Stone Foxes’ Sophmore album…these groups’ popularity may be the most exciting thing in music since Zeppelin.” –Elmore

“Mr. Hangman – The Stone Foxes…this ripping jam, a rant against the death penalty, is irresistible.” –USA Today

“In a time of laptops and drum machines, the roots-blues the band plays is a welcome change. Enthusiastic and talented, the Stone Foxes knocked it out of the park for the release of Bears & Bulls.”-Relix

“Bears and Bulls, their latest release, rules…Catchy songs like ‘Young Man’ and ‘Patience’ will have you playin’ air guitar in front of your mirror. Then they break it down to a very bluesy song ‘Easy,’ with so much emotion behind the arrangement and singing that it may provoke a tear.” -San Francisco Chronicle

“One wouldn’t expect this NoCal quartet to outdo their self-titled debut but with Bears and Bulls they most assuredly have. Brimming with confidence, precision and enough scruff and git to make Mick Jagger smile, Bears and Bulls is a scuzzy, greasy, summer opus and just the kind of thing to keep this band on the national radar. If this doesn’t turn some heads, what the fuck will?” -Absolute Punk

“The gutbucket six-string riffs and soulful shout-singing on tracks like “Stomp,” “I Killed Robert Johnson,” and “Little Red Rooster” show this band of twentysomethings has been pounding the old-time gospel — Stones, Zeppelin, Aerosmith — since kindergarten. In much the same way Jack White salvaged dinosaur guitar jams from the ashes of 1980s Arena Rawk excess, the Stone Foxes use these grooves to tell their own contemporary San Francisco stories.” -The SF Weekly

“Classic rock minded but sonically curious like modern boys tend to be, Bears & Bulls is one of the best records to slide across the JamBase desk this year.” -JamBase

“The Stone Foxes’ kick out the blues powered jams with a precision and passion that is usually the stomping grounds (no pun intended) of rock veterans. It’s been a while since the blues have sounded so fresh, so good and so modern.” -Associated Content

“The Stone Foxes have serious chops and they know it. Such triumphal lyrics as I killed Robert Johnsonshould be a clue. The whole album is like a quick trip back to the drugged-out, laid-back Seventies. If only more bands still made records like this.” -The East Bay Express

“…this group of four upstarts from San Francisco is poised to go ka-boom behind their juggernaut sophomore album, “Bears & Bulls,” which contains perhaps the best blues-rock tune of the last 20 years, “I Killed Robert Johnson.” -Sacramento Press

“Most of ‘Bears and Bulls’ sounds like it could’ve been recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in 1970—but the Foxes bring a rawness and an unpretentious gang mentality (they swap instruments freely, and all four take turns at lead vocals) to their music that keeps it fresh. ‘I Killed Robert Johnson,’ a witty new spin on the old bluesman myth, is an obvious highlight, but so are folksier numbers like ‘Easy’ and barn-burners like ‘Young Man,’ which recalls Kings of Leon before they cleaned up for Top 40.” -Metromix

“The Stone Foxes are one of the niftiest new rock bands to rise up in the Bay Area scene in recent years.” -Dirty Impound

“Check out their kick-ass track I Killed Robert Johnson and let their pure rock sound travel you back…Fecking yeah!” –Athens 66

“This band impressed me with their debut, and ‘Bears and Bulls’ proves that they weren’t a one-record-only group.” -Berkeley Place


“All right, comparisons to The Rolling Stones might be a bit hasty, but if rock ‘n’ roll needs a savior — and sometimes it feels like it does these days — The Stone Foxes make one incredibly compelling case.” -The Daily of the University of Washington